Welcome to the Genomic Storytelling Award, honouring exceptional storytelling that brings the intricacies of genomics to life. This award recognizes storytellers who skilfully weave scientific concepts into compelling narratives, captivating audiences and fostering a deeper understanding of genetics.

About the Award:

The Genomic Storytelling Award celebrates the art of storytelling that delves into the world of genomics. This prestigious award acknowledges storytellers who creatively engage with genetic concepts, discoveries, and ethical dilemmas, sparking curiosity and dialogue about the implications of genomic science.


Writers, filmmakers, journalists, educators, and communicators worldwide are eligible to apply for the Genomic Storytelling Award. There are no age limits, and both individual creators and collaborative teams may submit nominations. Eligible entries must demonstrate excellence in storytelling that explores genomic themes.

Qualification and Publications:

Entries should demonstrate a high level of creativity and originality in storytelling techniques while accurately portraying genomic concepts. Published works may include books, films, documentaries, podcasts, articles, or educational materials that effectively communicate genomic narratives to diverse audiences.

Evaluation Criteria:

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  1. Creativity and innovation in storytelling approaches and narrative structures.
  2. Accuracy and clarity in presenting genomic concepts, discoveries, and ethical considerations.
  3. Engagement and impact of the narrative in fostering understanding and curiosity about genomics.
  4. Potential for the storytelling to inspire reflection, discussion, or action related to genomic science.

Submission Guidelines:

Creators should submit a biography, description of the storytelling work, supporting materials (such as samples or links), and any relevant documentation. All submissions must adhere to the specified format guidelines provided on the submission portal.


The recipient(s) of the Genomic Storytelling Award will receive a prestigious honor, along with recognition through various platforms to highlight their contribution to genomic storytelling. Winning works may be featured in media campaigns, educational programs, or scientific conferences.

Community Impact:

The Genomic Storytelling Award aims to promote public engagement with genomics by celebrating outstanding storytelling that makes science accessible and engaging. By amplifying genomic narratives, we hope to inspire curiosity, empathy, and informed decision-making within communities worldwide.

Biography and Abstract:

Creators should provide a concise biography outlining their background, expertise, and previous works related to genomics or storytelling. An abstract summarizing the genomic themes explored in the storytelling work and its impact on audiences should also be included.

Supporting Files:

Creators may include supporting materials such as excerpts, trailers, reviews, or audience feedback that demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of the genomic storytelling. These files should illustrate the storytelling's ability to engage, inform, and inspire audiences about genomics

Genomic Storytelling Award

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