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Dr. Nagaraj Gokavi | Arabica coffee genotypes | Best Researcher Award

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Dr. Nagaraj Gokavi began his academic journey with a strong foundation in horticulture, culminating in a Ph.D. in Horticulture Science from the University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka, India, in August 2021. His academic achievements include a graduation with distinction, where he attained a final grade of 90.00%. Notably, he was the recipient of the Donors Scholarship for the academic year 2014-15, showcasing early recognition of his academic prowess.


Central Coffee Research Institute - Research Assistant Gr. I (Agronomy)

In his current role at the Central Coffee Research Institute under the Coffee Board of India, Dr. Gokavi has been contributing significantly to the development of climate-resilient technologies for combating the impact of climate change on coffee. His responsibilities encompass the development of integrated crop management practices, introduction of cost-effective agrotechniques, and collaboration with multidisciplinary teams for innovative research methodologies.

Krishi Vigyana Kendra - Senior Research Fellow (Horticulture)

During his tenure as a Senior Research Fellow at Krishi Vigyana Kendra, Dr. Gokavi presented research findings at numerous conferences, totaling five. He actively engaged in statistical analysis, contributing to the publication of 37 research articles in peer-reviewed journals. His commitment to knowledge dissemination is evident through the organization of training programs for growers and participation in On Farm Testings (OFT) and farmers field school (FFS) activities.


Dr. Gokavi's research focus is on the morphological and molecular characterization of Arabica coffee genotypes for productivity and quality traits. He has demonstrated expertise in experimental design, data collection, and statistical analysis, resulting in the successful implementation of novel methodologies and optimized research processes. His work has contributed to the development of climate-resilient technologies and the enhancement of crop production efficiency.


Acknowledging Dr. Gokavi's significant contributions, he has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the "Best Oral Presentation Award" at the National Symposium on Horticulture Crops of Humid Tropics in 2022 and the "Best Poster Presentation Award" at the National Symposium on Horticultural Crops of Humid Tropics for Nutritional and Livelihood Security in 2022.


Dr. Gokavi's impact is further reflected in his extensive publication record, with 37 articles in peer-reviewed journals. His work has not only advanced the knowledge base in horticulture but has also positioned the institutions he has been associated with as leaders in the field.


Dr. Nagaraj Gokavi's legacy is characterized by his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge, disseminating expertise, and implementing cutting-edge approaches in agricultural research. His future contributions are anticipated to further elevate the field of horticulture, combining innovation, sustainability, and impactful research methodologies.

Notable Publications 

Value Chain Analysis of Arabica Coffee in Karnataka 2022(2)

Diatomaceous Earth as a Source of Silicon and its Impact on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties, Yield and Quality, Pests and Disease Incidence of Arabica Coffee cv. Chandragiri 2021(6)

Humic acid as foliar and soil application improve the growth, yield and quality of coffee (cv. C × R) in Western Ghats of India 2021(10)


Nagaraj Gokavi | Arabica coffee genotypes | Best Researcher Award

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